Platte Canyon’s motto is “Improving the Lives of Training Developers.” This focus means that we develop products, tools, training, and books aimed at non-programmers as well as Microsoft 365, ToolBook, and .NET developers.

 Learning Management

Our flagship product is our Tracker.Net™ Learning Management System. It tracks any SCORM-compliant content. For native ToolBook or Flash/Training Studio/Exam Engine deployment, our TBK Tracker™ product is the tool of choice.

 Database-Driven Training and Assessments

Our Training Studio™ makes it easy to create and deploy database driven e-Learning in HTML 5. We pioneered database- driven assessments by non-programmers with Exam Engine™. Both Training Studio and Exam Engine are 100% HTML and JavaScript and thus work with any browser or mobile device.


We created the popular Learning & Mastering ToolBook series on CD-ROM that provides in-depth, professional training on ToolBook. Although ToolBook is no longer sold, the training is still available in case you are still developing in that environment.



Our Platte Canyon® Storyboarder allows you to export your ToolBook content (including embedded images) to Word or PowerPoint. This is very helpful in transitioning to a new authoring environment. Older ToolBook add-ons like the Plug-In Pro are also still available..


Platte Canyon was the first company in the world to advance the vision and bring products to market that exploit the power of Microsoft®’s .NET for e-Learning. This spawned Tracker.Net, Exam Engine, and other products. Please go to vbtrain.net for details.


Platte Canyon created SCORM Watch in 2005 and it is still used by developers around the world to help “create the perfect SCORM” content. We have a similar product for the AICC standard, AICC Watch, as well.


Jeff’s most recent books have been published by Apress: Creating Business Applications with Microsoft 365: Techniques in Power Apps, Power BI, SharePoint, and Power Automate (2nd edition) in 2022 and Creating Business Applications with Office 365: Techniques in SharePoint, PowerApps, Power BI, and More (1st edition) in 2019. As Platte Canyon Press, we published Programming for e-Learning Developers: ToolBook®, Flash®, JavaScript™, and Silverlight™ in 2009, VBTrain.Net™: Creating Computer and Web Based Training with Visual Basic®.NET in 2002, and The ToolBook® Companion: Solutions, Techniques, Expert Information, and OpenScript® Tips in 2001. The former two were written by Jeff Rhodes while The ToolBook Companion was written by Jeff Rhodes and Chris Bell.

 Company History

Jeff Rhodes and Chris Bell founded Platte Canyon in 1996. The original Platte Canyon team was completed in 1998 with the addition of Cindy Kessler. Chris left in 2006 to become IT Director at the University of Colorado Law School while Cindy left in 2009. Jeff remained full-time with Platte Canyon until 2016. Prior to Platte Canyon, Jeff, Chris, and Cindy were key members of Titan Corporation’s Multimedia Training Division, where they spent many years developing sophisticated CBT programs for major telecommunications companies, the Utah Court System, the Alaska Court System, and other customers.


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