Finding Old Hyperlinks

One of the challenges of updating our Learning & Mastering ToolBook product is making sure all the hyperlinks are current. We run the script below via the Command Window. I wrote it to ensure that there were no lingering hyperlinks to the version 9 example files. It uses the getObjectList() function to find any objects with hyperlinks (the _asym_hyperlinks user property not being null) and then checks the appropriate element of the array for the portion of the URL in question. Notice how we start at the current page rather from the beginning of the book to keep from checking pages over and over. Notice also how you need to have a local variable (tempArray in this case) when reading or writing a user property that is an array.

local tempArray[][]
local url

step num from pageNumber of this page to 
	pageCount of this book
	pageId = page num
	objList = getObjectList(pageId, "", 
	while objList  null
		pop objList into objId
		tempArray = _asym_hyperlinks of objId
		url = tempArray[1][2]
		if url contains "tbcbt9"
			go to pageId
			request objId  && name of objId && "has 
				a hyperlink to tbcbt9"
			break step
		end if
	end while
end step

About Jeff Rhodes
Jeff Rhodes is the Branch Chief, Program Office Support at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM). Prior to that, he was the Academic Chief Technical Officer at the United States Air Force Academy and previously a Senior IT Specialist in charge of SharePoint and other key systems at the Academy. Jeff was the founder and Chief Technical Officer of Platte Canyon Multimedia Software Corporation, a leader in developing commercial e-learning software. He graduated at the top of his class at the Air Force Academy, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. Jeff received a Master’s degree in Economics from the London School of Economics, which he attended under a British Marshall Scholarship. He is the author of Creating Business Applications with Office 365: Techniques in SharePoint, PowerApps, Power BI, and More, Programming for e-Learning Developers: ToolBook, Flash, JavaScript, and Silverlight, VBTrain.Net: Creating Computer and Web Based Training with Visual Basic .NET and The ToolBook Companion. He lives in Colorado Springs with his wife Sue and is the proud father of his sons Derek and Michael.

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