ToolBook: Going to the Next Page on Ctrl + Page Down

I had this question from one of our Learning & Mastering ToolBook CD customers this morning and thought it would be a good post.

I am trying to get a learner to click Ctrl + Page Down to get to the next screen. Where can I find instructions on how to do that? 

My response: I would try adding an Action at the page level and handling the keyDown event. The first task is to figure out the keyCode for Page Down. Put in an alert on the keyCode parameter as shown below.

Go to reader mode and press the Page Down key. You’ll see an alert with 34 as shown below:

Next, you need to figure out how to go to the next page. Easiest is to trigger the next page button on the background. However, if you are using SmartPages, the Actions Editor can only “see” the group and not the buttons. But there is a LiveXtension for this as shown below:

You can now Trigger the next page button as shown. This has the advantage of NOT working if that button is disabled, such as when you disable it while they are watching a video.

Note that you probably want to put this on the background so that it works on all pages using that background. Be sure to publish to HTML and then test there as sometimes things work differently in the browser.