OpenScript to Get an Alphabetized List of Objects on a Page

I’m working on a new version of the Storyboarder utility and wanted to get a list of all the object names on a page so that I could read the values of the various fields, checkboxes, and comboboxes. Since ToolBook OpenScript doesn’t have any type of IntelliSense where the editor helps you with the object names, you must come up with them on your own. It is a pain to keep closing the editor (which is modal in ToolBook) to go find the object name, so I used the script below to make a list of names. I can then put this in TextPad and grab the object names as I need them. I thought someone else may find it useful. Just paste it into the Command Window and press Enter. There are lots of scripts like this in The ToolBook Companion, but using OpenScript and the Command Window is something of a lost art:).

objList = getObjectList(this page, "", FALSE) 
nameList = "" 
while objList <> null  
     pop objList into objId  
     if name of objId <> null   
          push name of objId onto nameList  
     end if 
end while 
nameList = sortList(nameList) 
put listToTextline(nameList)

Here’s a partial list of the result: