Good Articles About Pricing Software

I was having lunch recently with a fellow owner of a small software business. We were discussing pricing strategy and I followed up with the list of my favorite articles related to pricing software. I have been interested in pricing theory ever since my graduate studies at the London School of Economics and even taught Microeconomics for a time the Colorado Springs campus of Regis University. When it comes to pricing your own software, it can literally be a make or break decision for your company.

The first three links are from Eric Sink. I first read his “Closing the Gap” articles a number of years ago in The Best Software Writing 1 edited by Joel Spolsky. It very closely mirrored by own thoughts on how to run a business and how to sell software without the hype and the pressure that is so often used. Eric articulates his concepts and vision brilliantly. I bought the book mentioned above after reading Joel on Software for years before that. Joel has many great opinions on running a software company and other topics. His Camels and Rubber Duckies is a great article. I frequently tell our propective customers that we proudly post our prices on our site and never use the “How Much Money Have You Got” pricing that Joel picks apart in his article.

Product Pricing Primer:

Closing the Gap, Part 1:

Closing the Gap, Part 2:

Camels and Rubber Duckies:


About Jeff Rhodes
Jeff Rhodes is the Chief Technical Officer and owner of Platte Canyon Multimedia Software Corporation, a leader in developing commercial software that Improves the Lives of Training Developers. He graduated at the top of his class at the Air Force Academy, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. Jeff received a Masters degree in Economics from the London School of Economics, which he attended under a British Marshall Scholarship. Jeff is the author of "Programming for e-Learning Developers: ToolBook, Flash, JavaScript, & Silverlight" and "VBTrain.Net: Creating Computer and Web Based Training with Visual Basic .NET." He also co-wrote "The ToolBook Companion." He has had numerous articles on training development published and is a frequent presenter at conferences both in the U.S. and Europe. Jeff lives in Colorado Springs with his wife Sue and sons Derek and Michael.

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